The Positive Approach to Business


The Positive Approach, formerly trading as Insights Development Ltd., is a coaching, mindfulness at work and development consultancy based in the East Midlands. The founder, Catherine Midgley says ‘I am passionate about helping people to feel good about their work, think in a positive and constructive way and ultimately to perform at their best. My approach combines experience with pragmatism, informality with professionalism’.

Helping people to perform at their best at work more often

The Positive Approach specialises in helping organisations to bring out the best in their people, using the latest research in what helps people to flourish at work and perform at their best.

Research has shown that people will work well when they:

  • Enjoy what they do
  • Use their strengths
  • Feel valued
  • Are resilient and have a positive outlook
  • Have a clear vision of what they need to achieve
  • Get regular feedback on how they are doing
  • Have the right skills to do their job
  • Work in an environment that allows them to flourish
  • Have good relationships with their colleagues
  • Work in high performing teams
  • Are inspired by their leaders

Catherine says, 'I work with individuals and groups to help them create these conditions for personal and professional success using a mix of psychological, mindfulness and business tools'.

Coaching at work

  • Leadership 
  • Influencing
  • Relationships
  • Fitting it all in 
  • Resilience
  • Career

Mindfulness at work

  • Enhancing attitude, awareness, attention and intention
  • Managing thinking
  • Regulating emotions
  • Dealing with difficulties
  • Improving engagement and productivity


  • Design and delivery of development interventions
  • Facilitation of meetings/events
  • Presentations and talks
  • Myers Briggs personality profiling
  • 360 degree feedback